Reminder: Clinic conducted by Saskia van Venkata

Trainersclinic led by Saskia van Venkata, on Sunday 20 January 2019 starts there at 12:00 in Sporthal Baneberg a Trainersclinic under the direction of Saskia van Venkata.

Record number of teams on 2 against 2 tournament

No less than 46 teams, young and old mixed, competed on both sides of the volleyball net against each other for the prizes in different categories.

Successful CMV tournament in Valkenburg

Today, the CMV tournament, organised by VC SEC, was on the agenda in Valkenburg. From 10:00, our 5 CMV teams have put their best foot back and fought for what they were worth. At the end of the tournament it turned out to have been a very fruitful day for VCL where the boys and girls can be very proud!!

Volley & Ball Volleyball so! 7

It has been some time since the last home games and also the previous column has appeared. First of all, there was the Members ' meeting on Wednesday 19 December that went well and with a reasonable turnout. There has been a positive change in the past year, and again several good proposals have been put forward, and we have made financial progress on what is also important.

The Limburger: 21-01-2019

Annoyance trumps the VCL-coach. On request, the coach confirmed that in the last set he consciously held his captain and best player on the side

Read in the VIAlimburg-Landgraaf Edition

Last Sunday, Saskia van Venkata gave a clinic about game distribution, the teaching of overhand technique and the training of a Top setter.